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Charles Rolsky researches marine and aquatic plastic pollution, a major concern within many ecosystems and environments around the world.

Rolsky also works on using non-invasive research methods to collect species health information, including fecal samples from wild species like killer whales. Having this information provides significant knowledge pertaining to stress, reproduction and overall species health.

As graduate teaching assistant with the Biodesign Institute, he collaborates with Fulton School of Engineering on several microplastics projects, in addition to many groups worldwide, including Plastic Oceans.

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Microplastics pose a threat to the environment. These small plastic pieces are able to move quite freely throughout the ecosystem. It kinda depends on where they’re deposited. But sometimes the end result of wastewater goes to something like a wetland or stream or a river, and if these soil properties are carrying plastics then absolutely it has a chance to reach the ocean or any other delicate ecosystem nearby.

— Charles Rolsky, ABC News


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